Baltic Film Weekend

in the Netherlands

22-24 January 2021

Welcome to the Baltic Film Weekend!

In 2021 we celebrate 100 years since the Kingdom of the Netherlands recognized Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as sovereign and independent states. During these years we established intensive co-operation on many levels and in different fields, including politics, diplomacy, business and people-to-people contacts. We could have achieved even more, should these relations were not terminated by 50 years of Soviet occupation of the Baltic States (1940 – 1991). We are proud to have restored our independence and look with confidence to our perspectives. We are also convinced that remembering the challenging turning points of history is important for the present and building towards the future.

On this website you can find three reward-winning movies, which tell you stories based on the real events. These are the stories about ordinary people – Lina, Ẑanis and Endel – who had to fight, adapt and survive, but first and foremost – remain human.

We are glad that regardless of the pandemic we can share these stories via the screens in your homes for free. We invite you to watch the engaging narratives and bringing us closer to each other.

Kaili Terras
Ambassador of Estonia
Aiga Liepina
Ambassador of Latvia
Vidmantas Purlys
Ambassador of Lithuania


“The Fencer”


“The Mover”


“Ashes in the Snow”