Baltic Film Weekend




28-30 January 2022


Welcome to the Baltic Film Weekend 2022!

We are very enthusiastic to welcome you to the second online edition of the Baltic Film Weekend. The very first film weekend in 2021 turned out to be a huge success and has served as an inspiration to continue with this cultural initiative. For the Baltic Film Weekend 2022 edition we have decided to focus on documentaries celebrating a unique treasure Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have to offer – vivid cultural traditions framed by pure and untouched nature with lots of personal space. A delightful mix of influences from east and west characterizes our cultures. At the same time, nature helps us to find our inner peace and balance that we search for in these hectic times.

On this website, you can find three award-winning movies, which will remind you about the importance of slowing down, reconnecting with nature and forming friendships. We are glad to share these stories via the screens in your homes for free.

Let’s watch the impressive documentaries from the Baltic region and get inspired for a fresh new start in 2022!

Lauri Kuusing
Ambassador of Estonia

Aiga Liepina
Ambassador of Latvia

Vidmantas Purlys
Ambassador of Lithuania